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"The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."

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The Holistic Principles of Natural Health Wellness

"Most health problems are due to the one underlying dis-ease, distress of the organism. The causes are toxicity, nutritional deficiency, stress and inadequate exercise. With holistic natural living, minimizing stress and toxins, illness can be reduced or eliminated.

The principles of natural health wellness are detoxification, life supportive nourishment, exercise and relaxation of tension, including good sleep and spiritual attunement. With help from super foods, herbs and other natural health aids, good health can be restored.

"Detoxify, nourish, exercise and relax. These principles of natural health wellness are greater wisdom for being really well, and an important aspect of the philosophy of holistic reality."

-- Jon David Miller


The Major Issues of Our Time

Public Poisons

Must Stop GMO Devastation

Toxic Chemical Sprays In The Sky

Concerns About Vaccinations and Flu Shots

Harm from Cell Phones, EMF, RF, Wi-Fi, & 5G


Will You Survive The Changes?

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NEW! - Natural Health Wellness Learning Module

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